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Why we love supercouples

Recently I’ve been hearing the word “supercouple” more and more. Specifically, in reference to me and my partner Andrea Wrobel. In addition to other things, her and I run a website called One Thousand Dates. There we share the story of our relationship, one date at a time. It’s purpose is to inspire both us […]

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Sexist, misogynist and pro-rape language is ruining the Internet

**Originally appeared on the Canadian Women’s Foundation blog – Mar 6, 2014. Trigger warning.** I’m reading online comments in Broken Pencil’s Deathmatch, a tournament-style short-story competition, and I’m getting fed up with hearing responses like, “he’s gonna mount you like a blow-up doll,” and commenters calling others “sugar-tits.” When my partner, Andrea Wrobel, was the only […]

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what’s in a name?


a lot of people call me a hipster and i’m not sure how to feel about this. there was a time when a hipster was nothing to be admired. they were people with little direction and focus, vying to be moronically associated with whatever trend was popular in an often quizzical and hilarious combination. they […]

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blogging is the new essay.


while reading up on Transcendentalism founder Ralph Waldo Emerson i began to notice the amount of intellectual essays he wrote and for which he received much of his acclaim. i then thought of the many other thinkers, philosophers, and great minds of the past few centuries and how it was through their prolific essay writing that the […]

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