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This ongoing, interactive installation aims to repurpose everyday, forgotten, and thrown-away items. Participants are encouraged to write on 1 of 1,078 disposed coffee cups and have their photo taken for display, thus reappropriating unnecessary waste and provoking a dialogue about consumption. This is the first step in collecting 1.2 million cups. Disposable first appeared at […]

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Revolution Mural


Revolution Mural is an interactive installation commissioned by TEDx Youth for their conference in Toronto on Nov 17, 2012. the piece is a sculpture made of repurposed wood that forms the conference’s theme/logo “Revolution”. the letters totalled a size of sixteen feet wide, 1.5 feet tall, and 3 inches thick. they were mounted on 4 […]

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Neighbourhood Messages


This interactive installation creates a public space where personal messages are given and received. words, normally reserved for loved-ones, are type-written on postage tags and hung from a tree. Passers-by are encouraged to take a message for themselves and use the supplied type-writer and tags to write and hang their own message. Neighbourhood Messages has […]

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Thought Balloon


This interactive art installation is a reminder of the potential of public spaces to connect people with one another and create a sense of community. Commissioned for the City of Toronto & Scotiabank’s Nuit Blanche 2012, it involved typewriters, computers, projections, and eight translucent cylinders. It was curated by Helena Reckitt and Paul Vet assisted with the technical elements.

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