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Revolution Mural


Revolution Mural is an interactive installation commissioned by TEDx Youth for their conference in Toronto on Nov 17, 2012. the piece is a sculpture made of repurposed wood that forms the conference’s theme/logo “Revolution”. the letters totalled a size of sixteen feet wide, 1.5 feet tall, and 3 inches thick. they were mounted on 4 […]

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Well Versed


This podcast series was used as the production element in my Masters Thesis from Ryerson University. Well Versed showcases how production choices, from sound-effects to music, can be used to influence audiences. My Masters in Media Production was completed September, 2010. Well Versed is currently seeking funding for another season.

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Banff Centre Podcast


In the Winter of 2012 I was the Host and Producer for The Banff Centre Podcasts. This series was focused on telling the incredible stories of The Banff Centre. There I got to interview high-profile artists like Dallas Green of  City and Colour and Jill Barber. Through interviews with artists in all disciplines, various editing techniques, writing […]

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Babel was a weekly summer radio series that aired across Canada on CBC Radio during the months of June, July and August 2012. Host Mariel Borelli explored the impact of diversity, technology, and community on Canadian English. I was responsible for sound design, social media, and production work. I sourced show music, developed regular segment intros […]

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Neighbourhood Messages


This interactive installation creates a public space where personal messages are given and received. words, normally reserved for loved-ones, are type-written on postage tags and hung from a tree. Passers-by are encouraged to take a message for themselves and use the supplied type-writer and tags to write and hang their own message. Neighbourhood Messages has […]

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Thought Balloon


This interactive art installation is a reminder of the potential of public spaces to connect people with one another and create a sense of community. Commissioned for the City of Toronto & Scotiabank’s Nuit Blanche 2012, it involved typewriters, computers, projections, and eight translucent cylinders. It was curated by Helena Reckitt and Paul Vet assisted with the technical elements.

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