Remember Why You’re Doing This


I’ve recently being going through a bit of a creative lull. Thinking about my artistic career and the work I’m doing – hosting and producing radio, making installation, writing poetry, taking photos – I easily get caught up in concerns that are very distracting. I’ll ask myself, “How am I going to get paid?” or “What’a a marketable idea or platform?”

But these questions don’t matter if I can’t answer a much more important and direct one – “What do you love to create and why?” Figuring out what you love and why you love that thing will help you answer the rest. It will also help you draw attention and connect with others. People love passion and honesty.

To help me get back on track and get inspired, I spent en evening going through some pieces of work I’m really proud of. Specifically, I just listened to two audio pieces I worked on while finishing my Masters in Media Production at Ryerson University. Listening back to these works reminded me what I love about making audio pieces and why I am in the field of making things. Suddenly, there was no clutter, just a desire to create and make more things in the spirit of what I was hearing.

I recommend, if you’re in a creative slump, you do the same. Listen to the pieces below and let me know in the comments what you’ve done to get yourself back on track.

The first piece is a self-esteem mediation I recorded and produced:

The second is a short documentary I produced with Jessie Curell and Ryan Zak about homelessness is Allan Gardens Park in Toronto

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